Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Helicopter Visits La Providencia

A group from Guatemala flew down to visit La Providencia.  We were so excited to see the chopper land, climb inside and watch it take off.   We also received aerial photos they took as they were leaving.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dia del Nino

Children's Day is such an important holiday around here! It is more festive than Christmas. The children typically receive new clothes from their parents as their gift.  On this day, the children may wear their new clothes to school instead of their regular uniform.  Schools, churches, community groups, families, etc....gather through out the day and weekend to celebrate.  This year, the ALP kids and La Providencia families went to a park/ green space to celebrate in "field day" fashion.  Our teachers and staff acted out a skit during the devotional time.  We sang songs and played games.  Our moms cooked a delicious chicken plate for lunch and we had sugary drinks and cake! To finish out our activities, we had a Spider Man pinata for the boys and a Princess Purse pinata for the girls.  It was a lovely day for everyone!  

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Independence Day Soccer

Our ALP boys are talented!  Not only can they play soccer, but these fellas have great attitudes and really know how to hustle! The team captain, Jonaton is quite talented but has a great "team" mentality.  He does his part and encourages the others in their positions.  He is always cheerful and smiling.  Our goalie, Antony, worked hard to learn how to defend the goal.  He took his job seriously and truly enjoyed it.  Antony also has asthma and cannot run well.  This did not stop him from having a great attitude.  So many of the boys really shined during the soccer games.  They had such fun and were truly proud of each other.  This was such a wonderful experience for everyone in the ministry.  These kids are amazing!

Our captain, Jonaton, was awarded a medal from the city for the most goals scored.   He was presented with this medal in a private moment when his mom and sister could be present.  His mom was so joyful.  When Jonaton joined his classmates again, they all cheered and shared in the joy.  

Friday, September 04, 2009

Independence Day Soccer Style

In preparation for the honduran Independence Day, Sept 16, the city of Siguatepeque is hosting a soccer tournament.  The Kindergarten and Prepatoria school age children will compete in games for two weeks.  At the end of the games, the city will recognize the winning team in a presentation at the city stadium.  Our boys are having a great time practicing for the upcoming events.