Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcoming the Familia Salgado to La Providencia

The second set of house parents moved into their new home yesterday! We welcomed them with much joy and enthusiasm! They were presented with a few symbolic gifts: a pineapple representing the hospitality, love, mercy and grace they will share with all who enter their home; bread representing Jesus Christ, the bread of life from whom they will draw their strength, grape soft drink! (in place of a bottle of wine) representing fellowship and joy and in Christ we always have reason to celebrate, and a childrens' bible to use to instruct the children in the truth of the Holy Scriptures! Then we all shared chinese food! and cake :) It was a lovely afternoon. The house father shared their vision for their home, one simple yet important thing - to teach the children about the truth and love of the Lord.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrating the Resurrection of Christ

Today we hosted the 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt at La Providencia! 600 sweet filled eggs lay in wait for the children! We used "Resurrection Eggs" to present the history of Christ's death and resurrection to the children and their parents. They were captivated! Staff members painted faces, shared the gospel and led the children in song and prayer. We divided the children by ages for the hunt and "Uno, dos, tres...Vayan!" They took off to collect eggs! They were delighted to find candy inside! Afterwards, we shared donuts, juice and soft drinks.

Thanks to those of you who purchased the eggs in the USA last year, stored, loaded and shipped them to us on a Providence In a Box Container. The name of Christ was raised and sweet blessings were received!