Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seasons of Change

La Providencia is feeling the affects of the economic situation in the United States and the political instability in Honduras.  Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the current budget.  We are in the midst of making some difficult decisions regarding our staff and all areas of operations. We do see the blessing in the necessary changes.  The Lord is so gracious and blesses us in ways that the world may view as weakness.  But, He shows Himself always faithful always strong.  This week, the administrative office is moving from Siguatepeque into the clinic at La Providencia. Within a month, the Providence In a Box store will also move to its new location on campus.  We are continuing to praise the Lord for this season and to put our hope in His plans for the days ahead.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Academia La Providencia teaching staff

Our wonderful teaching staff for the 2010 school year:
Profy Luz Garcia, interim director and 1st grade, Profy Lorena Gonzalez, English instructor 4 yr. Kinder/ 5yr Prepa, Profy Sindy Osorio, Bible/Art/Music and P.E. instructor, Profy Katherine Marrow, English instructor 1st grade, Profy Jamy Calderon, 4 yr. old Kindergarten

Academia La Providencia (ALP) serves the children in the surrounding village of Augas del Padre and the children of La Providencia.  The school opened in March, 2008.  The first academic year will be complete in November.  The school is a private bi-lingual academy.  Thirty-two children from the village are currently enrolled in the academy.  The children are served a well-balanced snack and lunch each day.  The teachers supervise the children's hand-washing and dental hygiene.  Students also receive medical wellness care from La Providencia. Sponsorship or donations are necessary to provide education, nutrition and health care for each academy student.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Vivacious Volunteers!

We love our interns! We are so thankful to these young ladies for volunteering their time to help the ministry of La Providencia.  Bethany Alms - teaching Bible at ALP, our students were blessed during their time together;  Krysten Poyner - helping with the community census project - this helps us plan for the future needs of the village community;  Elizabeth Holliday - working in and organizing the Providence In a Box store - many families easily found needed items due to Elizabeth's care, organization and hardwork.   Thank you ladies for your dedication.  We also appreciate your joy and patience during curfew hours!