Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What do you do during curfew?????

Leader Treks - Bent Tree, Texas

Sarah and Chase were the amazing team in charge of Leader Treks this year.  They both did an amazing job with their teams.  The Bent Tree team worked with pick axes to carve a ditch for rain drainage at La Providencia.  They also held a VBS for the children in the village of Aguas del Padre.  They did an amazing job.  Their time was cut short by the recent political occurences in Honduras.  Due to a country-wide curfew, the team spent the day at the Holliday's home.  They took "pila" baths and camped out with us for the day.  They were such a polite and hospitable group - we were blessed by their presence.  

Welcome, Dagoberto, Fanny and Alma

House mom welcoming Fanny, age 3

Leslie, Elizabeth and little Alma, with pink hair clip, 18 months

Kristin and Dagoberto, age 2

Visiting team members, Dante Graves, Leslie Laseter, interns Kristin Poynter and Elizabeth Holliday accompanied Israel and Myra to collect three new children.  Dagoberto, age 2, smiling and friendly; and a set of sisters, Fanny, age 3, and Alma, age 18 months.  Fanny and Alma were both very frightened and cried during most of the drive to Siguatepeque.  They were able to be calmed with crackers and juice boxes.  Dagoberto joined the home of the Salgado family.  Fanny and Alma complete the Zapata family.  Providence currently is home to nine orphaned children.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Christ Presbyterian Church Family/Medical

Whew! What a week! This team came from our home church in Nashville.  They "hit the ground running" you might say, with lots of plans and goals for the week.  The medical staff consisted of: a cardiologist, a general medical physician, a pediatrician, a nurse practitioner, a pharmacist, occupational therapist, and two dental hygenists.  This team visited with patients in an eldery home in our community and in a school for children with downs syndrome.  They were able to see many patients and the hygenists spent time with the school children teaching them about dental care.  There was a construction component to this team as well. They spent the week building a . Another group, presented a VBS program for the school children in the afternoons, after helping to organize various Providence in a Box donations.  

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Josue's Arrival

Josue is a 2 1/2 year old little boy who came to La Providencia on June 8.  Visiting board member, Michael McKerley, accompanied Israel to the institution in San Pedro to collect him. From the first moment, Josue was smiling and active.  He lives in the home of the Salgado family. He is the first child they have received since moving here in April.  

Wheaten Bible Church Youth

What an amazing work team! This group laid it down! Lots and lots of concrete that is! This team of juniors and seniors was focused on truly supporting the brother next to them in the work line. They worked as a team, not as many individuals. They allowed the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals to strengthen the team as a whole. This group worked together to support one another and to reach their goals on the work site. Not one time did we hear grumbling or complaining. Although they were tired, we were continually met with joyful and pleasant spirits. Wheaten Bible - we think you are AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your time, your energy and your love for Christ with us. We know you will continue to run the race well - we saw Christ in you and we are so blessed by your time with us. Thanks so much!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome Interns! Bethany Alms, Nashville, TN, will be teaching Bible at Academia La Providencia (ALP).   Krysten Poyner, Las Vegas, NV, will be working on the community census project until she returns to school in October.  Both Bethany and Krysten are spanish students and will live in homes of honduran families. 

Elizabeth Holliday, Nashville, TN, will be working in the Providence In a Box store.  She is our "Aunt Lily" and will live WITH US!!!!!!!!!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful interns helping us this season.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wheaten University Research team

Gimmie a "F"
Gimmie a "U"
Gimmie a "N"
What's that spell? Hey, who wants to invite the Weasley twins over for a party??? Anyone?
We miss you Wheaten!