Sunday, June 25, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

We are busy as can be and enjoying every moment of it. This past weekend we said farewell to our first two teams and welcomed the next two. The group that left consisted of a high school team of 14 from Benttree Church in Dallas, Texas and the other was an all men’s team of 11 from Baylife Church in , Florida. Both teams worked extremely hard and did a fantastic job. In fact, the Baylife team set a new worksite record. These hardworking men laid 872 blocks in their four days of working on the clinic. That is incredible! They definitely set the standard for the summer. We will see if any teams can beat or even match their record as the summer continues. Thank you to both teams for your participation and hard work!

The two teams that just arrived are from the same churches. The group from Benttree is another high school team of 15, and the Baylife team is also a high school team of 12. They all arrived safely, settled in their houses, and started their first full day at the worksite this morning. They have some tough work ahead of them for the next two weeks, but I know they well do great.

Our interns just completed their second full week of work and are moving forward with full force. This is definitely a huge learning process for all four of them, but they are doing great. Bonnie and Kaitlyn have completed interviews at 34 homes which is approximately 150 people. Wes is busy with guitar lessons and creating a songbook and logo for the church. Jade is maintaining this website, preparing bible studies as they continue to move through the book of Isaiah, and she is also helping out with many other administrative details.

The family is great and we are all enjoying watching the World Cup and playing soccer in our limited amount of spare time.

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Alfredo Cerrato
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Summer Has Officially Begun!
The summer is in full swing and we are off to a busy start. Our team of four interns arrived last Monday and will be staying with us until August. They have spent the last week getting to know each other and becoming acquainted with the culture and their surroundings. They have been able to experience all sorts of local activities such as participating in an exciting soccer game, a trip to the market a time or two, walking the streets to buy glass bottled coke and ice cream, and a festive parade in down town this past Saturday.

The team is made up four college students all from the United States and they each have individual tasks that in some way correspond with what they are studying in school. Kaitlyn is one of our interns from Franklin, TN; she is 19 years old and will be a sophomore at Belmont University. Bonnie, another one of our interns, is from Nashville, TN; she is 21 and will be a senior at Agnes Scott College. Together these two young ladies will be conducting a census that includes approximately 300 homes in the community of Aquas del Padre. The goal of this census is to gather as much information concerning the medical and socioeconomic habits of the community and compile them into a database. In this way, we may better understand the needs of the community and therefore be prepared for many circumstances that may arise as we help aid the community. Wes is our only male intern; he is 20 yrs old, from The Woodlands, TX and will be a sophomore at Asbury College. While here in Honduras he will be working with our local church and the musical aspect of worship. Right now all of the songs are sung acapella, and many members are interested in learning to play instruments and adding music to the songs. The challenge here is that our small list of songs does not have chords accompanying them. Wes’s job will be to put these words with chords, teach guitar lessons, and put together songbooks for the congregation. Our final intern is Jade from Ganado, TX; she is 21 years old and will be a senior at Texas A&M University. Jade is our lead intern and is here to help support the other interns in their projects, do any type of scheduling concerning the group, prepare the daily bible studies as they are going through the book of Isaiah, and assist in the set up of this page so that we can keep everyone updated regularly about what is going on with Providence World Ministries.
As far as teams are concerned, we had a LeaderTreks group of 15 arrive from Dallas on Saturday. This is the first of a series of teams for the month of June. They will be here for two weeks working hard at the worksite trying to make considerable progress on the first orphan home.
I am so excited about what the Lord has in store for this summer. It has already been interesting to see our family temporarily grow from 6 members to 10. There is definitely not a dull or quiet moment in the house. Thanks for the prayers and support.
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Alfredo Cerrato