Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Academia La Providencia Mother's Day

A lovely Chrisitan lady from Eben-Ezer Church in Siguatepeque blessed us with a time of encouragement in the Lord.  Norma Gonzalez shared a message of strength and encouragment with the mothers at La Providencia today.  Afterwards, they shared a time of fellowship together.

SRW Eye Team

In the book of Isaiah we read of a prophet's account of the future Savior - one who would be anointed to speak good news to the poor and rescue the oppressed.  Later Luke, the great physician and writer, quotes this verse, confirming that the Savior indeed had come, but Luke chose to add that Jesus would also give sight to the blind. Luke, a medically trained professional, must have been uniquely touched by the miracles performed by the Great Physician!  

This week we have a medical team here at La Providencia performing Strabismus surgeries, making ocular prothesis, and performing vision exams and giving out glasses.  We have been blessed by the many stories of God's love and faithfulness to his people.  We have been touched in a special way by a mother and young son who traveled alone by bus from the capital city of Tegucigalpa to our clinic here in Siguatepeque, both are completely blind.  The 27 y/o mom suffered from Retinoblastoma and lost both eyes at age 3, her 6 y/o son suffered from the same and lost his eyes at the same age.  Nafer, the son, was selected for two prothesis'.  As they waited their turned, we had the wonderful blessing of getting to know a delightful, grateful mother, full of faith, energy and hope.  Iris lives with her sister and son in a one-room wooden house in a rough area of Tegucigalpa, somehow she has managed to obtain a high school diploma and will soon complete her 2nd year of university studies - she wants to be an English teacher. Nafer, a talented, energetic boy is also in school.  We were amazed by their unrestrained faith in God, those around them, and their future. I still can't comprehend how they have mastered navigating in a dark world. 

I pray that God would open our eyes and hearts to His love and continue to show our family how we might speak the good news, rescue the oppressed and with His help, give sight (both physical and spiritual) to those in need.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Douglas is 4!

Douglas Jose Galeano Licona turned 4 years old on May 3.  This bright eyed little fella celebrated his special day with his neighbors, the Salgado family and special friends, Tio Roberto Sevilla and the Holliday family.  The house was filled with lively music and colorful balloons.  His birthday cake was vanilla flavor with blue icing and yellow candles.  Douglas was delighted at the sight of the balloon filled room and the brightly lit birthday cake.  He surprised and delighted his guests by smashing his face into his cake as soon as the candles had been removed.  Douglas's tio, Orlando, and his tia, Elsy, worked hard to plan the festivities and to prepare arroz con pollo for his birthday dinner.  At the close of the evening, Douglas was surrounding by Don Israel, Dona Hollie, Tio Roberto, Tio Orlando and Tia Elsy in a moment of prayer. Douglas was scooped up by Dona Hollie and placed in the midst of these loving adults.  Each of these prayed one at a time over Douglas' life, asking the Lord for blessing, protection, prosperity and that Douglas would have a heart for the Lord Jesus Christ and grow to be known as a man of God.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Praying for Nashville

Nashville is home to many of our board members and friends.  Each year, mission teams, individuals and churches from Nashville and the surrounding area visit us at La Providencia.  Our hearts and prayers are with the Nashville community at this time.  

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Surprise! Surprise!
Profesora Jamilet Calderon is now Profesora Jamilet Reyes!
She surprised us all when she returned to work on Monday morning with a new name!  We want to offer Senores Douglas and Jamilet Reyes our congratulations and best wishes for a blessed future.