Thursday, February 11, 2010

SRW Surgical and Dentistry team

Last week, La Providencia was blessed to have an Ortho Surgery Team and General Dentistry here.  The Ortho team performed over 30 cases including club foot corrections, extra digit removal, and various CP related corrections. The dental team saw about 150 patients including orphans, staff, and folks from the surrounding community.  We are very grateful for the wonderful relationship that we have with Sharing Resources Worldwide - they are very organized, and extremely well prepared.  It was a wonderful week filled with many changed lives - both physically and spiritually.  

2010 School Year is Off and Running

We are so thankful for the opportunity to bring Christ to the children in the surrounding village of Aguas del Padre through our education program.  Many of the children who attend our school, are not part of a church family.  We praise the Lord for the opportunity to teach them Bible each day.
This year, we have approximately 45 students enrolled in grades preschool through first.  Four of the orphan children are also attending preschool this year.  They are like little sponges! Soaking up all that they see and hear.  Praise the Lord for the opportunity we have to share in His work in the lives of these children.