Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Living the Gospel

5:30 am. alarm. limited quiet time. get ready. breakfast. pack lunch. out the door. work. students. standardized tests. pressure. preparation. teaching. stress. relationships. busyness. cell phone. texts. email. constant communication. planning. meeting. coffee date with friend. grocery store. list. tasks. hurry. shop. talk. wait in line. self-checkout. fast. next stop. home. cook. late. take food to friend. enjoy friend's baby. agenda. next stop. ice cream with friend. meanwhile. talk/text/communicate. rush. home finally. laundry. roommates. email. read. sleep.

Whew! It stresses me out to even think of the pace of life that I maintain in the States. It is a wonderful life and i am very blessed, but sometimes it's exhausting.

Now, I'm here in Honduras an time has slowed down so much that i don't even wear a watch

There's not a deadline, a schedule, a time rush. Yesterday, I spent all day sewing with a co-worker. We made 3 bags all day, and it was a great accomplishment. We med
med a friendship through laughter, miscommunication, and sewing needles. No cell phone interruptions, no meetings, no stress. The day before that I played with precious children. Adopted orphans and biological alike, we
played futbol, ate chicken & rice, fed the hens, washed the dishes, laughed, sang, and rested. Again, no interruptions, expectations or tasks to accomplish. I know that life isn't always so simple here, however. People have jobs, cell phones,
obligations, etc., but it seems that God has removed those things from my life for a month to grab my attention. Rarely do I have the time (or take the time) at home to self-reflect, examine my heart, and listen to the Lord. What am I idolizing? Who/what gets my attention, my energy, and my focus instead of Him? Who am I serving? What are my priorities? When you sit at a sewing machine for five hours, it becomes pretty obvious where your heart is wandering. It's time to take a deep breath and allow the Holy Spirit to convict, reveal & purify where my heart has lost its way. For this time, I am grateful. For these people who have opened their homes to me with open arms, I am indebted.
The Lord has grabbed my attention in these past 4 days and I am learning to slow down and refocus on Him. May the Holy Spirit continue to work throughout my time here. I cannot truly serve the Lord until I surrender to Him. One day at a time..

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it.
Prone to leave the God I love!
Here's my heart, Lord, take and seal it,
Seal it for Thy courts above.
(Written Thursday, June 10th)