Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And to everything there is a purpose . . .

Two years ago, almost to date, our first house parents moved in.  Today, they moved out.  The Zapata family has moved to Tegucigalpa to be near their families and to return to their former employment.     .  We are confident in the Lord and His plans for the children and this ministry- although we haven't any idea what tomorrow will bring.  Today was an exhausting day of chasing children, attempting to mold Jair's character for the better and trying to turn over fear, worry and burden to the Lord in prayer.  I am comforted by the peaceful fog that has settled over my mind, clouding the "to do list" and concealing all of those "urgent" items.  I am thankful for the ability "to only do the next thing", thankful that I can see only the next step, and not more.  I am thankful for the Lord's tests, practices, peace and provisions.  The difficulties in this world are much too great for me; how delightful to leave the solutions to the Master.  And so, we rest calmly and quietly, in prayer waiting for the Lord.
Dear Abba, Jehovah-Jireh, Master and Savior, we thank you for your care and provision.  We thank you for your purposes and plans. We thank you for our salvation through Christ.  We ask you for your abundant blessing and protection upon Jair, Douglas, Fanny, Kenneth and Alma and those who are caring for them.  We ask for your hand of provision upon the ministry of La Providencia.  We ask for your wisdom and encouragement for those leading La Providencia.  Please reveal the next step to us Lord.  Please light the pathway that we may see if we should turn to the left or to the right.  Help us to honor you and to give glory to you O Lord.  Guard us and protect us Lord that we may serve you well.  In the name of Christ we ask these things, Amen.