Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Viaje a la Joya Grande 2010

One last Hurrah! Our service at La Providencia has now come to a close. We treated ourselves to a day of fun, laughter and friendship at the zoo with those Honduran friends who have meant so much to us during these past three years. We had an amazing day.  It was such a blessing to us, and we think they had fun too.
It is our prayer that they and you will all continue to grow in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Lord has been faithful to us these three years. Now, we wait with hope and expectation for His wonderful and loving direction.  May God bless you richly as you grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. To God be the glory forever and ever.
The Holliday Family, www.thehollidayhouse.com

Dia de la Independencia 2010

Josue celebrates his 4th birthday!

Dia del Nino 2010

Arrow Ministries Training

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leader Treks - Sun Valley Church, Arizona

We have had a great two weeks with the Sun Valley LeaderTreks group from Arizona! They were amazing! They mixed concrete and dug out a 4ft deep and very long culvert for two weeks straight- they even tackled illness - such hardworkers - such great attitudes- thank you for sharing your time with us! We love you Greg and Shannon!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Felicidades Mizael!

We are celebrating what the Lord is doing in the life of Mizael and his family! 
Mizael and Bessie have been a wonderful part of the family of La Providenica for many years and we celebrate with them as they move into a new season of life.  Mizael has worked as an architect at La Providencia for the past five years.  His design and creativity gave birth to the lovely buildings on the campus of La Providencia.  Now, the Lord has opened new doors for their family.  Mizael has been contracted to design a large multi-specialty clinic and surgery center in our town of Siguatepeque.  This facility is a private venture by a local and well-respected cardiologist.  This is a wonderful career opportunity for Mizael.  We are delighted and rejoice with his family! 
Also, after many years of consideration, Mizael has decided to enroll in a local seminary.   He will begin attending classes in July.  The classes at Mission Evangelico De Las Americas (MEDA) are on a bi-monthly rotation.  MEDA is a wonderful worldwide organization connected to the Master’s Seminary in Southern California.  The local Chrisitian community is supported by many MEDA pastors, educators and missionaries who travel from around the world to teach at the local seminary and to speak at conferences.   We will greatly miss their regular involvement but the Flores family will always be a part of the family of La Providencia.  We celebrate with them as they begin this new season of their Christian walk. Please join in this celebration by giving thanks to the Father for His love, creativity and provision.  Please ask His continued blessing over this lovely family.   

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Team Ruth, Franklin, TN

Teaching Ballet with the 1st Grade

We are so excited that Ruth shared part of her summer with us.   She loved the La Providencia family well during her stay.  Ruth jumped in whole heartedly as part of our team.  The school children were delighted with their new teacher and loved their ballet classes.  We are so thankful for her time with us and the impact she made in the lives of these children.   Ruth also loved our own family well- reading stories, making cookies, baking cakes, helping with dinner AND dishes!, and playing with our children.  Ruth was truly a member of our family during her time with us and we were blessed by her presence.  We love you Roofie! You are a blessing and a delight! Thanks Papa Pete and Aunt Ei- we love you all very much!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Team Bay Life, Brandon, FL

This group is a POWER HOUSE! As always, Bay Life goes above and beyond and gets the job done!  This group of only 9 did the work of a team three times their size.  What an amazing blessing!  
To begin with, Bay Life Church sent a container to Providence in a Box filled with donated clothing, diapers, school supplies and super fun items such as bicycles and little tykes brand slides for the little ones! Then, the Bay Life team built a stairwell and a wall to control water drainage.  They mixed concrete, hauled blocks, dug, shaped, and shoveled all day.  Sometime, mid-morning, they made time to lead the school P.E. classes in games of soccer and in the afternoon, had energy left to challenge the staff to a game - such a wonderful encouragement to everyone!  Also, team members helped to sort and organize donated items in our storehouse during the day.  As though this was not a full schedule of activities for this team of only 9, a few of the ladies took a break from construction to teach a sewing class and a hair styling class!

Sew Fun "Collecion La Providencia"

The Bay Life Church team brought electric sewing machines and notions. About ten mothers at our children's home and school learned to sew this week. We recycled donated clothing to use as our material. We hope to sell handbags, market bags, gift bags and our coffee to raise money to pay for school curriculum, school lunches, etc... This is a brand new venture and we aren't sure how the Lord will use this. Perhaps the most important purpose has already been accomplished - the ladies were taught a skill and were able to create an item of use and beauty from their own abilities and creativity. They were so excited and their enjoyment was delightful! I am amazed at the ideas and creativity many of them began to experiment with so quickly! I truly hope we will be able to encourage them with the sale of these items. All to the glory of God and for His good purposes . . .we will wait expectantly.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Team Folsom

This brigade of 28 individuals came from the area of Folsom, California with members from the following: Harbor Church, Oak Hills Church, Bayside Church, River Rock Church and  Mosaic Church.  We were so thankful for their time here.  This team was such an easy going, laid back group with lots of heart and joy.  In true Honduran style, the team arose early on Wednesday morning to watch the 5a.m. game with the staff as Honduras played in their first World Cup game from South Africa!  This team was involved in many activities during the week.  Team Folsom participated in two afternoons of soccer camp in the community and a day of VBS with the La Providencia school children.  While many team members spent their time digging drainage ditches with staff member, Josue, others were sorting donated materials and organizing items in the La Providencia store with staff member, Tomas.  They led a time of devotion with the La Providencia staff and some of the ladies accompanied the house mothers into town to help with errands and shared a time of cooking and recipe exchange.  Also, two super speech therapists were part of this team.  These gals were able to establish a program for Dagoberto and Kenneth.  After working with these two boys for only one week, they were able to see progress in the boys' abilities to communicate.  The youth on this trip were also a special blessing. They were so joyful, respectful and energetic! They played with and loved on the children so well! Our own children formed many friendships with them and it was such a joy to see their hearts lifted and filled with the delight of fellowship and companionship.  Thanks Team Folsom for your presence this week.  We were so blessed by your hardwork, your fellowship and support.  We were thankful to share an evening of fellowship and basketball with you.  Thank you for your time with us.  We are looking forward to year three!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Team El Shaddai, Nashville, TN

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news"!!!!!  We were truly blessed by the joy and energy of this team.  Their devotion and adoration to the Lord moved our hearts and lifted our spirits.  The Lord used their gifts of worship and adoration of Him to wash over us - truly encouraging each of us in our daily walk with Him.
In the community, they began the week with VBS in the mornings and a soccer camp in the afternoons.  Also during the afternoon, some of the team members walked through the village sharing the gospel and inviting people to church.  The team led worship at all four church services during the week as well.
At La Providencia, the team shared a wonderful time of bible study and worship with the staff and house families, shared in some work projects, led a worship workshop and of course, played a little soccer.  The team was able to share a meal with each of the house families during the week and to spend some time encouraging them in the Word.  They were also "ready and willing" to assist us in unloading a container shipment on their last night in Honduras.  Although it was late, their spirits remained high.  Our family was also able to share a time of fellowship, devotion and worship with the team in our home.  We stood together on the back porch, under a clear night sky raising our voices in adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ, accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of the djembe (bongo drum), the guitar and the cool  breeze blowing through the trees. . . .We were truly blessed by this peaceful and joyful time of worship.  Thank you El Shaddai and thank you Heavenly Father for this time together - oh what a preview of Glory!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Education Collaboration!!!

A team visited La Providencia this week to support our efforts in education.  We were so blessed by this wonderful group!  Team members came from Maryland, Tennessee and California to learn about education in Honduras and to support our academy.  They spent a day in our academy visiting with our teachers and students.  Then, they toured many schools in our area, as well as those in the capital city.  We are blessed by their encouragment and support of our program and staff.  We are so thankful for their friendship and partnership with us.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Academia La Providencia Mother's Day

A lovely Chrisitan lady from Eben-Ezer Church in Siguatepeque blessed us with a time of encouragement in the Lord.  Norma Gonzalez shared a message of strength and encouragment with the mothers at La Providencia today.  Afterwards, they shared a time of fellowship together.

SRW Eye Team

In the book of Isaiah we read of a prophet's account of the future Savior - one who would be anointed to speak good news to the poor and rescue the oppressed.  Later Luke, the great physician and writer, quotes this verse, confirming that the Savior indeed had come, but Luke chose to add that Jesus would also give sight to the blind. Luke, a medically trained professional, must have been uniquely touched by the miracles performed by the Great Physician!  

This week we have a medical team here at La Providencia performing Strabismus surgeries, making ocular prothesis, and performing vision exams and giving out glasses.  We have been blessed by the many stories of God's love and faithfulness to his people.  We have been touched in a special way by a mother and young son who traveled alone by bus from the capital city of Tegucigalpa to our clinic here in Siguatepeque, both are completely blind.  The 27 y/o mom suffered from Retinoblastoma and lost both eyes at age 3, her 6 y/o son suffered from the same and lost his eyes at the same age.  Nafer, the son, was selected for two prothesis'.  As they waited their turned, we had the wonderful blessing of getting to know a delightful, grateful mother, full of faith, energy and hope.  Iris lives with her sister and son in a one-room wooden house in a rough area of Tegucigalpa, somehow she has managed to obtain a high school diploma and will soon complete her 2nd year of university studies - she wants to be an English teacher. Nafer, a talented, energetic boy is also in school.  We were amazed by their unrestrained faith in God, those around them, and their future. I still can't comprehend how they have mastered navigating in a dark world. 

I pray that God would open our eyes and hearts to His love and continue to show our family how we might speak the good news, rescue the oppressed and with His help, give sight (both physical and spiritual) to those in need.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Douglas is 4!

Douglas Jose Galeano Licona turned 4 years old on May 3.  This bright eyed little fella celebrated his special day with his neighbors, the Salgado family and special friends, Tio Roberto Sevilla and the Holliday family.  The house was filled with lively music and colorful balloons.  His birthday cake was vanilla flavor with blue icing and yellow candles.  Douglas was delighted at the sight of the balloon filled room and the brightly lit birthday cake.  He surprised and delighted his guests by smashing his face into his cake as soon as the candles had been removed.  Douglas's tio, Orlando, and his tia, Elsy, worked hard to plan the festivities and to prepare arroz con pollo for his birthday dinner.  At the close of the evening, Douglas was surrounding by Don Israel, Dona Hollie, Tio Roberto, Tio Orlando and Tia Elsy in a moment of prayer. Douglas was scooped up by Dona Hollie and placed in the midst of these loving adults.  Each of these prayed one at a time over Douglas' life, asking the Lord for blessing, protection, prosperity and that Douglas would have a heart for the Lord Jesus Christ and grow to be known as a man of God.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Praying for Nashville

Nashville is home to many of our board members and friends.  Each year, mission teams, individuals and churches from Nashville and the surrounding area visit us at La Providencia.  Our hearts and prayers are with the Nashville community at this time.  

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Surprise! Surprise!
Profesora Jamilet Calderon is now Profesora Jamilet Reyes!
She surprised us all when she returned to work on Monday morning with a new name!  We want to offer Senores Douglas and Jamilet Reyes our congratulations and best wishes for a blessed future.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fany turns 4!

Happy Birthday Fany!  This is the first birthday she has ever celebrated.  She is a precious and delightful child.  She has come so far these past months.  It was only 6 months ago that she would not ask or tell anyone if she needed to use the restroom, neither did she have an accident but had extreme control over her body.  After working with her for another month, she began to go to the restroom on her own as a normal child should and if needed, to alert a trusted adult.  She is attending pre-school now and doing well  socially.  She too, came to us from a crib in an overcrowded institution only 9 months ago.  We are so thankful for the workers in the institution and their heart to help the children.  Were it not for them, we would not have Fany.  Fany is a delight and we are so thankful for the Lord's protection and provision for her.

Carolina and Julissa turn 2!

Today we celebrated the twins birthday.  It is hard to remember that just 8 months ago they were both residents of private cribs in an overcrowded institution for children.  God is so good! The girls are as different as their looks but are truly precious.  Happy Birthday to the girls!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Buddy, Eileen and Ruth Zegel came to visit, to hug us and to make chocolate chip cookies! How Great is the Lord!  They spent a week visiting with our family and getting to know La Providencia.  They accompanied us to church on Easter Sunday and visited many of our friends in the village of Aguas del Padre and El Socorro.  They spent some time sorting donated items in the La Providencia store, encouraging and loving our family and reading stories to our kids.  We were so thankful for their time and are so delighted by our time of fellowship.  Ruth will return in the summer to teach ballet in the school at La Providencia.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words

The Lord is faithful and sends out His encouragement in many forms:  We are so blessed and delighted that Clint and Katy Southern came to visit.  While Katy blessed us with her beautiful photography and artistry, Clint helped to construct an outdoor stove.  We are so thankful for their time and gifts.  We walked through the village visiting with families, inviting them to church, and snapping family pictures.  Katy truly captured the beauty of the people of Honduras.  As most of these families do not own a camera, family photos are rare.  The Southern's hope to give a family photo to each Honduran family they visited.  We are thankful for this blessing and look forward to delivering this gift to these families.  Our family enjoyed spending time with Clint and Katy - we were all so blessed by their fellowship, hardwork and creativity.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For the children's delight

A local missionary family joyfully donated a puppy to the children in one of the homes at La Providencia!  Thanks to the Patterson family for their gift.  Our family had the opportunity to deliver this precious cargo.  What a blessing! The pictures speak for themselves.
Thank you Lord for all of your critters both great and small.  We thank you for the delight and joy they bring to our lives.  We thank you for the opportunity to learn how to care for and to be responsible for a living thing, and to receive the joys and delights that you bring in the form of a cuddly puppy.  Thank you Lord!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

SRW Surgical and Dentistry team

Last week, La Providencia was blessed to have an Ortho Surgery Team and General Dentistry here.  The Ortho team performed over 30 cases including club foot corrections, extra digit removal, and various CP related corrections. The dental team saw about 150 patients including orphans, staff, and folks from the surrounding community.  We are very grateful for the wonderful relationship that we have with Sharing Resources Worldwide - they are very organized, and extremely well prepared.  It was a wonderful week filled with many changed lives - both physically and spiritually.  

2010 School Year is Off and Running

We are so thankful for the opportunity to bring Christ to the children in the surrounding village of Aguas del Padre through our education program.  Many of the children who attend our school, are not part of a church family.  We praise the Lord for the opportunity to teach them Bible each day.
This year, we have approximately 45 students enrolled in grades preschool through first.  Four of the orphan children are also attending preschool this year.  They are like little sponges! Soaking up all that they see and hear.  Praise the Lord for the opportunity we have to share in His work in the lives of these children.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Children's Home

A few of the sweet lives the Lord is changing through La Providencia.   Each child is a delight.  We are so thankful for the time we have with them.  

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Time . . . truly a gift from the Lord.  How wonderful to receive the blessing of another year.
Here in Honduras the academic calendar begins each February and ends in November. The end of a year is truly the end of many activities, programs, classes, etc.... and a very important time of reflection and thanksgiving.  Therefore, a new year arrives in strength ushering in those spring like sentiments of hope, expectation, beginnings, rebirth, new life.  Hondurans continue to share joyful greetings for the new year throughout the month of January.

As this year begins, we will be a people of praise and of prayer.  There is so much happening at La Providencia and so much yet to be done.  We will do the work the Lord lays before us and we will eagerly wait for His plans, His provisions, and His people.  We continue to pray for house parents and financial needs.  We continue to pray for the children the Lord would have us to help.

This week, Israel and Profe Luz continue to prepare for the new school year, helping gather school materials, curriculum, preparing the school schedule and calendar.  Israel, Roberto and Profe Luz are working to finalize decisions regarding school enrollment and the village feeding program.  Roberto and the staff worked hard to finish relocating the PIB store to La Providencia.  Douglas and Dra. Turcios took Kenneth to Operation Smile in Tegucigalpa where he received his 3rd surgery to correct his cleft palate.