Friday, January 29, 2010

The Children's Home

A few of the sweet lives the Lord is changing through La Providencia.   Each child is a delight.  We are so thankful for the time we have with them.  

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Time . . . truly a gift from the Lord.  How wonderful to receive the blessing of another year.
Here in Honduras the academic calendar begins each February and ends in November. The end of a year is truly the end of many activities, programs, classes, etc.... and a very important time of reflection and thanksgiving.  Therefore, a new year arrives in strength ushering in those spring like sentiments of hope, expectation, beginnings, rebirth, new life.  Hondurans continue to share joyful greetings for the new year throughout the month of January.

As this year begins, we will be a people of praise and of prayer.  There is so much happening at La Providencia and so much yet to be done.  We will do the work the Lord lays before us and we will eagerly wait for His plans, His provisions, and His people.  We continue to pray for house parents and financial needs.  We continue to pray for the children the Lord would have us to help.

This week, Israel and Profe Luz continue to prepare for the new school year, helping gather school materials, curriculum, preparing the school schedule and calendar.  Israel, Roberto and Profe Luz are working to finalize decisions regarding school enrollment and the village feeding program.  Roberto and the staff worked hard to finish relocating the PIB store to La Providencia.  Douglas and Dra. Turcios took Kenneth to Operation Smile in Tegucigalpa where he received his 3rd surgery to correct his cleft palate.